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Janary 18-20, 2022
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3D Data for a 3D World
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Missed our recent webinar? That's okay. You can watch on-demand. IT'S TIME TO ADOPT A 3D LiDAR-BASED VIDEO SECURITY SOLUTION Learn about the key advantages of LiDAR for security today, how LiDAR technology integrates
with existing video surveillance and analytics software, and why you need these cameras.
Insight that Informs
and Protects Your World
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Oyla delivers spatial intelligence that delivers the insight needed to inform and enable your world.

Access to Better Data

Oyla's drive to fuse video and 3D together in one platform and at a lower cost than comparable solutions is driven by a simple mission: to deliver better data that helps organizations secure their world.

Inspired by Vision

Oyla integrates 3D with 2D video at the hardware level, and collects 3D data across the video field of view at up to 50 meter range.

Perceptively Different

Perimeter Security

Advances in technology have helped increase the scope of perimeter security protection. Oyla is designed to be used in areas such as commercial and residential sites, retail and transit sites, and other urban and remote locations.


Securing people, facilities and assets of government at all levels is critical to national security. Learn how Oyla can help officials protect people and assets and monitor sensitive as well as very large perimeters.

Traffic Monitoring

Intersections are a major cause of traffic delays and frustration, and are a major concern. We help cities and governments build a comprehensive traffic management solution that protects drivers and pedestrians.

Intelligent Transportation

Oyla can detect people and other objects in world view space, and alert when a user-defined perimeter has been crossed, or if there is a presence in a user-defined area or volume space.

Social Distancing

Oyla can detect people and other objects in 3D and measure the instantaneous distance between them from distances of 40 meters or more. Oyla can also track the motion of the individual people in a gathering.


Whether on the delivery vehicle in transportation or when stored in warehouses, goods need to be secure from changing environments that can cause damage. Oyla can help ensure protection from creation to purchase.
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