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In today’s complex security environment, it’s all about having access to better data, and that’s where the fusion of AI, video, and 3D comes in. Oyla is pioneering the delivery of this type of depth camera and driving the combination of these technologies. Oyla integrates a 3D sensor with the video sensor at a hardware level, and collects 3D data across the video field of view at up to 50 meter range. The 3D data stream is independent of the video stream, and improves the accuracy of the video AI. This 3D sensor provides its own infra-red illumination and can operate in complete darkness. It can also be used to define very accurate intrusion detection perimeters.

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We bring more than 40 years of  senior and high-tech experience in delivering advanced security and AI solutions to government, private sector, and perimeter security enviroments.

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