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Infrastructure Safety: Securing America’s Rail Industry

The rail sector is a critical component of American infrastructure, making it even more imperative to increase safety within the industry. A reported 94% of all rail-related fatalities and injuries occur at railroad crossings or due to trespassing, most of which are preventable. Railroad crossing incidents are also the second leading cause of rail-related deaths […]
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The Evolution of Spatial Intelligence in Security

You could be forgiven for thinking spatial intelligence is a purely psychological phenomenon.   Commonly defined as the ability to generate, retain, retrieve, and transform well-structured visual images, spatial intelligence as a quality or trait has almost exclusively been applied as a human characteristic.  A key protagonist in this field is Howard Gardner, the Harvard psychologist […]
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SIA New Member Profile: Oyla

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Oyla is a video fusion and artificial intelligence (AI) company serving the physical security markets. The company is headquartered in San Carlos, California, and serves the North American market, with plans to expand globally later in 2021. SIA spoke with Srinath Kalluri, CEO of Oyla, about the company, the […]
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Behind the Approach to Next-Gen LIDAR and 3D Surveillance

Alongside other intelligent IoT sensors, security cameras can provide more value and data than ever before. Growing demands for video surveillance in perimeter security, corporate, transit applications, and other areas and the rise of IoT drive further adoption and use cases. And this journey is just beginning as technology innovators look to enhance the capabilities […]
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Making the Cut for IPVM’s New Products Show

Back in February, we unveiled an industry and world first – a mass market 3D fusion solution for the physical security market.  Fast-forward to April, and we have already caught the attention of our sector’s flag bearing provider of impartial information, IPVM, presenting our fusion camera at its New Products Show, which you can watch […]
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Pushing AI Into the Spotlight

AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF GROWTH AND EXPANSION in the security industry, particularly in the realm of video surveillance, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a major leap in the last year, both in terms of the maturity of the technology and deployment. “In the past year, that’s really when we’ve seen AI become much more mainstream,” […]
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