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Tech Trends: Sensor Fusion Pushes AI Forward

At October’s annual CONSULT conference in San Antonio, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussing the current state of artificial intelligence in the security industry. The panel included Quang Trinh from Axis Communications, Aaron Saks from Hanwha Techwin, and Srinath Kalluri from Oyla, and we discussed the many challenges in moving AI forward […]
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Making the Cut for IPVM’s New Products Show

Back in February, we unveiled an industry and world first – a mass market 3D fusion solution for the physical security market.  Fast-forward to April, and we have already caught the attention of our sector’s flag bearing provider of impartial information, IPVM, presenting our fusion camera at its New Products Show, which you can watch […]
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Pushing AI Into the Spotlight

AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF GROWTH AND EXPANSION in the security industry, particularly in the realm of video surveillance, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a major leap in the last year, both in terms of the maturity of the technology and deployment. “In the past year, that’s really when we’ve seen AI become much more mainstream,” […]
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Why Oyla? Why Now?

By Srinath Kalluri, CEO, Oyla Inc. In recent years, there have been groundbreaking innovations made in video surveillance technology, most notably around the application of video analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. What’s clear is that AI has real staying power, as the market itself is being driven forward by an increasing focus on integrating […]
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Behind the Approach to Next-Gen 3D Surveillance

By Ralph Spickermann, CTO, Oyla Inc. One of the most critical elements of any AI-based video security is its ability to accurately identify potential threats. Traditional security systems fall short on effectiveness and reliability due to the frequent occurrence of false alarms. Along with high costs, operators often themselves stuck with a surveillance system that […]
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Ubiquity Founder Profile: Srinath Kalluri of Oyla

In this series of founder spotlights, we’re highlighting founders who leverage software beyond the screen to build exciting startups. Each founder has their own nerdy background (we define nerdiness as having a deep obsession) and their own path to arrive at the founding moment of their startup. Meet Srinath Kalluri, CEO/Co-founder of Oyla, a video […]
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