Making the Cut for IPVM’s New Products Show

Back in February, we unveiled an industry and world first – a mass market 3D fusion solution for the physical security market. 

Fast-forward to April, and we have already caught the attention of our sector’s flag bearing provider of impartial information, IPVM, presenting our fusion camera at its New Products Show, which you can watch here. (IPVM subscription required) 

Integrating video and LiDAR (3D imaging) at the hardware level, Oyla’s AI-based solution fuses 3D and video data to present the highest reliability levels in a unified model, what we call the next generation of 3D surveillance

The concept and rationale behind our approach are simple: By obtaining higher quality and more accurate data as input to the AI engine in the first place, all video surveillance capabilities improve in accuracy and reliability. Our demonstration at IPVM’s New Product Show explains how our system turns concept into reality. 

Indeed, making the cut for IPVM’s annual product showcase is no mean feat. 

Around 40 companies presented their latest innovations in April, chosen from an enormous pool of applicants. Selecting the right products is of paramount importance to IPVM – the organization has more than 15,000 members from 120 countries, all of whom rely on it as the world’s leading source of video surveillance information, featuring tests, training and industry trends. 

Our LiDAR and high-resolution video camera stood up against an overwhelming number of entries, with viewers able to explore the technology and use cases of Oyla’s product in detail over the course of approximately 30 minutes. 

The numerous applications of the fusion camera were showcased in three broad categories. 

First, and most obvious, is perimeter security. Oyla targets 3D regions of interest within the camera’s field of view to classify, identify and track potential threats. 

Second is in the realm of transport security and safety. Here, Oyla is able to determine occupancy with tremendous accuracy, offering critical insights into crowd density, proximity to danger and interaction between objects, among others. 

Third is public safety. Our camera defines a virtual 3D pedestrian zone at crosswalks, with Oyla InDepth AI Analytics able to detect pedestrians and their relationship to vehicles within this zone.  

We feel our entry into the market has been a timely one given the global backdrop within which we are operating in. Virtual business events, such as IPVM’s New Product Show, are becoming commonplace as we emerge out of the worst of the coronavirus pandemic that has reshaped many old norms in our personal and working lives. 

Social distancing measures and guidelines, for example, are likely to remain in place in some form in certain situations or locations. 

Oyla is able to assist in monitoring such practices. By having access to dynamic security data in real-time, we can offer the ability to automatically track, identify, classify, and measure individual people within a range of 40 meters or more. 

This could be an important tool in managing crowds safely and ensuring social distancing regulations continue to be upheld where they are deemed to still be appropriate for public safety. 

To view the full presentation of Oyla at IPVM, head to

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