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Perimeter Security

Securing Your World Physical and electronic perimeter security technologies are designed to protect people and assets within a facility and its grounds by detecting unauthorized intrusions across a delineated perimeter.  Whether an actual fence or a virtual fence is deployed, detection and deterrence go hand-in-hand, and so do the detection technologies fused to achieve accurate […]
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Protecting our Most Critical Facilities Whether outside federal buildings, inside storage depots, or deployed in force protection schemes, Oyla affords the responsible team an added layer of capability and spatial intelligence as delivered by Oyla’s InDepth AI.  When threat assessment is important to the mission, having the best data available is essential. This begins with […]
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Traffic Monitoring

Guiding Directional Intelligence Traffic monitoring, analysis and optimization are growing concerns for state and local governments.  Having accurate data informs timing and signalization as well as planning experts concise information. Multimodal surface transportation experts rely on lane utilization, motorized and non-motorized vehicle count and classification, and observed behavioral analysis when configuring streets and intersections for […]
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Intelligent Transportation

The Insight to Prevent Intrusion Today’s best ITS strategies advance transportation safety and mobility and enhance productivity by integrating advanced technologies into transportation infrastructure and even vehicles.  Oyla contributes substantially to these efforts by accurately identifying and measuring the movement of objects in space and time and sharing that data with analytic and predictive algorithms. […]
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Social Distancing

Solutions for a New World Oyla detects people and other objects in 3D space. Thus, Oyla can measure the distance between them from standoff distances of 40 meters or more, and do so instantaneously.   Oyla can also track the motion of the individual people in a gathering. For example, at a social gathering, on a […]
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Efficient Intelligent Environments Deliver the Goods Protection professionals are responsible for safe environments, protecting people, processes, and products from one end of the supply chain to another.  Food staples, medicines, fuel, and other energy sources are monitored from sourcing through manufacturing to distribution, stock and sale and proper utilization.  Increasingly, business is managed by exception […]
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