Intelligent Transportation

The Insight to Prevent Intrusion

Today’s best ITS strategies advance transportation safety and mobility and enhance productivity by integrating advanced technologies into transportation infrastructure and even vehicles.  Oyla contributes substantially to these efforts by accurately identifying and measuring the movement of objects in space and time and sharing that data with analytic and predictive algorithms.


Whether it is determining number of persons and length of time it takes them to utilize a crosswalk, the count and classification of vehicles across multiple lanes of traffic, or the utilization of bike lanes in an urban setting, there is no substitute for accurate data.  Oyla renders accurate, useable data to traffic signalization schemes, corridor studies, and surface transportation safety enhancement.

Modern transportation infrastructure utilizes a number of sensor devices and technologies, most of these standalone in nature.  Oyla uniquely fuses LiDAR and video in an easily installable form factor eliminating in large part the need for costly maintenance intensive hardware embedded in a roadway.  Whether enhancing the safety of students in a school zone, or detecting traffic turning into a busy crosswalk, the Oyla is perceptively different.

Unified, open solution
Easy access to data
Secure and intelligent
Accuracy Counts Detection Matters Use Cases

One of the most basic and valuable, and yet elusive datasets is vehicle detection, count and classification information, along with speed and direction.  These are determinative in signal timing, pedestrian crossing, weigh station and tolling applications.  Oyla can place objects in precise locations and when combined with video and InDepth AI render the most useful scene.

Seeing objects as the human eye does in 3D enhances detection within regions of interest or mission critical zones i.e. traffic lanes and pedestrian crosswalks.  Know occupancy and dwell time with great specificity fuels safety strategies and improves surface transportation flow immensely.

Oyla is  dedicated to bringing affordable 3D, video and AI solutions to organizations across the world, helping them detect issues before they become events.

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