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Protection professionals are responsible for safe environments, protecting people, processes, and products from one end of the supply chain to another.  Food staples, medicines, fuel, and other energy sources are monitored from sourcing through manufacturing to distribution, stock and sale and proper utilization.  Increasingly, business is managed by exception as direct monitoring is nearly impossible at all times and in all places.  Properly surveilled, and fed by AI, data can be accessed and made available nearly instantaneously.

Whether knowing what trailer occupies which space at a warehousing facility, or whether an unauthorized person or vehicle is accessing a regulated zone, a spill has occurred in an unmanned facility, or a suspicious package is left in a particular spot, accurate data is essential to maintaining a safe and efficient delivery of goods and services.

Oyla is the first video camera that fuses two powerful visualization technologies in a single form factor to deliver rich data that propels greater awareness.

Unified platform
Better data for better decisions
Advanced data fusion
Empower Your Fleet Better Data Accurate Detection

Oyla is a video surveillance and AI provider dedicated to bringing affordable 3D and AI solutions to manufacturing, warehousing and logistics providers worldwide.  It fuses powerful visualization technologies into a single form factor at a cost-effective price, giving logistics professionals and their teams the insight they need to enable their world.

Powerful visualization technologies are fused into a single form factor at an affordable price, giving you the data you need to ensure smooth transit and logistics operations.

Oyla works to provide a highly reliable and affordable video security option for logistics providers that need accurate detection and reduced false alarms.

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