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Physical and electronic perimeter security technologies are designed to protect people and assets within a facility and its grounds by detecting unauthorized intrusions across a delineated perimeter.  Whether an actual fence or a virtual fence is deployed, detection and deterrence go hand-in-hand, and so do the detection technologies fused to achieve accurate detection by Oyla. 


Oyla is the first video camera to combine two powerful visualization technologies in a single form factor to capture and deliver the rich data that propels more accurate awareness and better application of deterrence measures.  Minimize or eliminate false alarms by establishing more precise regions of interest in 3D space, and better identify the object in question and its precise location in relation to other objects in the field of view. 

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Oyla can detect people and other objects in real-world coordinates, and so can alert when a user-defined perimeter has been crossed, or if there is a presence in a user-defined area or volume space.

Oyla’s 3D solution is not reliant on error-prone motion detection methods, and works in difficult lighting as illustrated here.

Fenced in facilities often augment their perimeter detection schemes with video surveillance, however, Oyla is unlike other 2D solutions and gives the user the ability to create zones or regions of interest in 3D space allowing for identification of animals and other false alarm causing events and reducing expensive false alarms.  

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