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Oyla detects people and other objects in 3D space. Thus, Oyla can measure the distance between them from standoff distances of 40 meters or more, and do so instantaneously.   Oyla can also track the motion of the individual people in a gathering.

For example, at a social gathering, on a manufacturing floor, or at a recreational facility,  the Oyla solution can track the distance between individuals and continuously measure their interactions. Incidents wherein there is less than 6 feet or other programmable amount of separation are noted. When people are less than 6 feet apart a red line is drawn between them and the number of incidents involving a particular individual, and the statistics for violations within a user-defined zone of interest are recorded and granularly reportable.

Easy access to data
Unified, open solution
Secure and intelligent
Back to Work Accurate Detection Affordable and Reliable

Oyla is a video and AI company dedicated to bringing affordable 3D and AI solutions to help businesses, essential workers, and governmental agencies return-to work safely and efficiently.  Employers providing this level of protection and reporting may well become preferred, even as they set best-practices for the future.

By fusing powerful visualization technologies into a single form factor at an affordable price, businesses gain the insight they need to enable their world and get back to normal operations.  When asked to note precautions taken, Oyla can aid by providing accurate compliance and exception data. 

Oyla provides a unique, highly reliable and affordable video surveillance option for organizations that need accurate detection that reduces false alarms.

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