Traffic Monitoring

Guiding Directional Intelligence

Traffic monitoring, analysis and optimization are growing concerns for state and local governments.  Having accurate data informs timing and signalization as well as planning experts concise information.

Multimodal surface transportation experts rely on lane utilization, motorized and non-motorized vehicle count and classification, and observed behavioral analysis when configuring streets and intersections for optimal flow and safety.  Having this data in realtime becomes critical to incident awareness and management, life safety and effective traffic control measures.

Oyla provides for better vision into these critical spaces, accurately identifying objects and placing them precisely in a scene.  Whether counting pedestrians and calculating average time to cross through a busy intersection, monitoring speed and classification of traffic for signal timing schemes, or counting bikes in a dedicated lane to determine the utilization patterns, 3D visualization as accomplished by Oyla is invaluable.

Detailed insight
Vision in any lighting condition
Real-time intelligence
Better Data Accurate Detection Affordable and Reliable

Seeing facilities and operations in 3D and combining that vision with hi-resolution video affords logistics professionals keen insight, indeed spatial intelligence for better workflow, asset tracking and utilization and threat detection.

Whether a person, or object of interest, detecting and observing in 3D places objects in precise time and space, and enables critical decision making in a timely manner.

Oyla provides a unique, highly reliable and affordable video surveillance option for organizations that need accurate detection that reduces false alarms.

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