Better Data for Better AI

Delivering Better Accuracy and Lower False Alarms

What if LIDAR could cost-effectively be integrated into surveillance cameras?

There are many LiDAR manufacturers that claim their technology can be used for surveillance and perimeter detection, but they provide an expensive LiDAR component, not a fieldable surveillance solution. Oyla very affordably integrates LiDAR and video together at the hardware level, and in a way that inherently fuses the 3D and video data.

What if 3D data could be used to enhance existing surveillance AI and detection algorithms?

Oyla’s 3D-aware surveillance camera resolves previously intractable issues of variable lighting, occlusion, and the true distance and scale of objects. Oyla does this by using its inherently spatially fused 3D “Depth” and video streams to produce enhanced RGB video (e-RGB). e-RGB video can be utilized by existing AI and detection algorithms to achieve greatly increased performance. In addition, Oyla uses the 3D data to accurately detect intrusions into user-defined perimeters.

AI analytics are increasingly applied to surveillance video streams to automatically flag unusual activity in real time, but their accuracy falls short. Oyla’s approach is fundamentally different: obtain better data as input to the AI in the first place. To this end, Oyla has developed a unique AI-based video surveillance system which augments the video with an inexpensive proprietary 3D sensor. The 3D sensor is integrated with the video sensor at a hardware level, and collects 3D data across the video field of view at up to 50 meter range. The 3D data stream is independent of the video stream, and so statistically improves the accuracy of the video AI. This 3D sensor provides its own infra-red illumination and so can operate in complete darkness. It can also be used to define very accurate intrusion detection perimeters.

From our cutting-edge technology to the markets we serve, our cameras are the next-gen solution that everyone in security is talking about.

The Oyla solution offers real-time intelligence by fusing a new piece to the AI-driven puzzle: 3D data. Leveraging 3D data to enhance existing video surveillance technology, and applying AI-driven detection algorithms, Olya is the end-to-end 3D-aware surveillance system.

Perimeter Security

Advances in technology have helped increase the scope of perimeter security protection. Olya is designed to be used in areas such as commercial and residential sites, retail and transit operations, and other urban and remote locations.

Government Agencies

Securing people, facilities and assets is critical to national security. Learn how Oyla can help government agencies protect what matters most by providing a reliable and efficient solution to monitor sensitive and dispersed areas.

Traffic Municipalities

Intersections are a major cause of traffic delays and frustration, and are a major concern. We help cities and governments build a comprehensive traffic management solution that protects drivers and pedestrians.

Transportation Networks

Oyla can detect people and other objects in the world, view space, and alert when a user-defined perimeter has been crossed or if there is a presence in a user-defined area or volume space.

Retail Locations

Critical Infrastructure

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