Which New Buzzwords Reflect The Security Industry’s Trends?

As an industry, we often speak in buzzwords. In addition to being catchy and easy to remember, these new and trendy industry terms can also reflect the state of the security market’s technology. In short, the latest buzzwords provide a kind of shorthand description of where the industry is – and where it’s going. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What new buzzword(s) rose to prominence in the security industry in 2020? (And how do they reflect industry trends?)

Not really “new,” but the word intelligence comes to mind. Not only in the sense that the security industry saw an uptick in artificial intelligence-driven technology, but in the sense that the technology introduced truly provides more intelligence for an organization. Manufacturers in the space have long been hyper-focused on providing products that meet a specific need, whether it’s video for protecting a facility, access control, intrusion, or fire alarms; but now, the driving force behind technological innovations is to provide more to users; more information, more data, more business intelligence – all derived from solutions aimed at providing physical security. But it’s not enough to simply have a video camera to gather video. That video must provide insight beyond what can be derived from a single pane of view, and it goes back to the quality of this data.

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